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Mr. Castore Durante and Mr. P.A. Mattioli (1500.) rename it as "Italian Spico" within their medicinal books to distinguish it from the indian "Real Spico" real named (NARDUS JATAMANSII). In the medicine of the '500 its properties were described as follows:

Quality: warm and dry in the 2° degree, relieves and distributes;
Taste: acreed - aromatic;
Element: fire.


Sacred plant to Mercury. It's one of the grasses used for the Water of S. Giovanni. The latin name, literally received in our language it is the gerund of wash, as the flower was used for washing. Its spike is considered an AMULET, that protects from demons and misfortunes and that propitious prosperity and fertility. In Tuscany, in some provinces, it was used to remove the hex from children. In Rome, within the night of St. Giovanni (24th June) who was holding a spike of lavender was protected from witches. Lavender is the astral essence of the sign of ARIES. It sweetens the impetuous and impulsive nature of people. It softly creates around the subject a bright aura attracting favorable external energies.

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